Cochrane’s is named after Admiral Thomas Cochrane (1775-1860), one of the greatest seamen in the history of the British Royal Navy. The Admiral reportedly frequented a tavern nearby in the neighborhood, in the early days of Hong Kong.

Cochrane’s boasts a selection of over 90 different beers, including local brews such as Lion Rock and Young Master on tap. It also proudly serves Pusser’s Rum, an artisanal rum made of the same unique blend as that served to the Royal Navy for centuries – which the Admiral was known to imbibe in copious quantities.

Look out for the “Pusser’s Painkiller”, a special mix of Pusser’s Rum and tropical deliciousness. And join our Painkiller’s Club to get your own personal Painkiller mug, which we’ll happily keep hanging from our ceiling for you while you’re away on dry land.